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List updated on Monday, May 21, 2018.

Monday, May 25, 2009

TVB Producers

Catherine Tsang Producers

Lee Tim Sing


In production: "A Fistful of Stances"

Series: "Hotel", "Vanity Fair", "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly", "The Brothers", "The Lonely Hunter", "The Fate", "The Emissary", "The Duke of Mount Deer", "The Yang's Saga", "The Foundling's Progress", "The Book and the Sword", "The Vampire Returns", "The Legend of the Condor Heroes 1994", "The Return of the Condor Heroes 1995", "State of Divinity 1996", "The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 1997", "The Duke of Mount Deer 1998", "Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain 1999", "Crimson Sabre", "Reaching Out", "The Stamp of Love", "The Battle Against Evil", "Fate Twisters", "Point of No Return", "The Conqueror's Story", "Fantasy Hotel", "Safe Guards", "Best Bet", "Legend of the Demigods", "Sweetness in the Salt", "Man in Charge", "Rosy Business"

Lee Tim Sing entered TVB in 1969 and worked in fine arts and stage props. He transferred to become a director 1974. He became a producer in 1976 and produced "The Hotel". He specializes in producing ancient series, such as Jin Yong's Wu Shu novels; however, he will film modern series once in a while. His most satisfied productions include "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly", "The Emissary", and "Hotel".

Jonathan Chik Kei Yi


To be aired: "Fly with Me"

Series: "The Criminal Investigator", "Cold Blood Warm Heart", "The Criminal Investigator II", "Secret of the Heart" "Feminine Masculinity", "At the Threshold of an Era", "Healing Hands II", "Blade Heart", "War and Beauty", "Healing Hands III", "The Dance of Passion", "CIB Files", "The Gem of Life"

Jonathan Chik entered TVB in 1976. He became a director in 1981. He left TVB in 1992, but returned in 1995 to produce "The Criminal Investigator".

Lau Ka Ho


To be aired: "In the Eye of the Beholder"
Will produce: Modern series starring Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung

Series: "The Rise of a Kung Fu Master", "When Silken Hands Get Rough", "Behind Silk Curtains", "And Yet We Live", "The Final Combat", "The Justice of Life", "The Hunter's Prey", "Big Family", "The Key Man", "The Edge of Righteousness", "Down Memory Lane", "The Gentle Crackdown", "When Rules Turn Loose", "Heart of Greed", "Devil's Disciples", "The Gentle Crackdown II", "Moonlight Resonance"

Lau Ka Ho entered TVB in 1987 as a series producer. He left after 1995's "Down Memory Lane", returned to produce "The Gentle Crackdown". His wife is Mui Siu Ching.

Amy Wong Sam Wai


To be aired: "Burning Flame III" and "The Stew of Life"

Series: "Friends and Lovers", "Away of Justice", "The Change of Life", "Romance Beyond", "Conscience", "Food of Love", "Before Dawn", "Burning Flame", "A Matter of Business", "Face to Face", "Ups and Downs", "On the Track or Off", "Burning Flame II", "Slim Chances", "Back to Square One", "Hard Fate", "My Family", "Food for Life", "Under the Canopy of Love", "The Ultimate Crime Fighter", "The Seventh Day", "Last One Standing"

Amy Wong entered TVB in 1989.

Mui Siu Ching


To be aired: "Beyond the Realm of Conscience"

Series: 《人海綠皮書》, "A Friend in Need", "The Sword and the Sabre", "Two of a Kind", "Yankie Boy", "In the Realm of Joy", "The Breaking Point", "Shades of Darkness", "Show Time Blues", "Working Women", "I Can't Accept Corruption", "Moments of Endearment", "Ultra Protection", "Life for Life", "When Dreams Come True," "Colourful Life," "Where the Legend Begins," "Family Man," "Better Halves", "Love Bond", "The Charm Beneath", "Forensic Heroes", "The Brink of Law", "Fathers and Sons", "Forensic Heroes II", "Pages of Treasures"

Mui Siu Ching entered TVB in 1987. Her most satisfied productions include "The Breaking Point", "Where the Legend Begins", "Family Man", etc. Her husband is Lau Ka Ho.

Alfred Tsui Yue On


To be aired: "The Beauty of the Game" and "Cupid Stupid"
Will produce: "Links to Temptation" starring Yoyo Mung

Series: "Happy Harmony", "Class of Distinction", "A Kindred Spirit", "Return of the Cuckoo", "In the Realm of Success", "Virtues of Harmony", "Virtues of Harmony II", "The Biter Bitten", "The Price of Greed", "A Change of Destiny", "The Green Grass of Home", "Speech of Silence"

Tsui Yue On entered TVB in 1975. He specializes in sitcoms.

Leung Choi Yuen


In production: "Ghost Writer"

Series: ""Happy Spirit", "The Final Verdict", "The King and I", "Lost in Love", "Guts of Man", "Trimming Success", "Land of Wealth", "Life Art", "Steps", "A Journey of Life", "The Greatness of a Hero", "A Watchdog's Tale"

Leung Choi Yuen entered TVB in 1975. He became a producer in 1985. He became a production manager in 1995. He specializes in producing series revolving around ethics.

Marco Law Wing Yin


Will produce: "Twilight Investigation" starring Wong He and Linda Chung

Series: "Dragon Love", "The Threat of Love", "The Threat of Love II", "Life Begins at Forty", "Angels of Mission", "Split Second", "Always Ready", "Welcome to the House", "At Home with Love", "The Building Blocks of Life", "The Threshold of a Persona", "A Great Way to Care"

Marco Law entered TVB in 1989 as an assistant screenwriter-director. He then became an assistant director, then a director, and then his recent post as a producer.


Tommy Leung Producers

Chong Wai Kin


To be aired: "Born Rich"

Series: "The Sword of Conquest", "The Commandments", "Revelation of the Last Hero", "The Link", "The Condor Heroes Return", "Heartstrings", "Drunken Angels", "Aiming High", "Happy Ever After", "The Legend of Lady Yang", "The Heaven Sword & the Dragon Sabre 2000", "A Step into the Past", "Invisible Journey", "Love and Again", "Vigilante Force", "The Legend of Love", "Twin of Brothers", "Just Love", "Misleading Track", "Real Kung Fu", "Maidens' Vow", "War and Destiny", "The Slicing of the Demon", "Wasabi Mon Amour", "Catch Me Now"

Chong Wai Kin entered TVB in 1988.

Poon Ka Tak


To be aired: "A Bride for a Ride" and "A Chip Off the Old Block"

Series: "The In-Between", "Everybody's Somebody's", "Man of the House", "Three in a Crowd", "Being Rich", "The Self Within", "A Tale of One City", "A Life of His Own", "Ambition", "Detective Investigation Files", "A Good Match from Heaven", "Detective Investigation Files II", "Detective Investigation Files III", "Untraceable Evidence", "A Rural Hero", "Untraceable Evidence II", "Detective Investigation Files IV", "The Sky Is the Limit", "Street Fighters", "The Awakening Story", "Let's Face It", "Eternal Happiness", "Not Just a Pretty Face", "Triumph in the Skies", "Summer Heat", "A Handful of Love", "Revolving Doors of Vengeance", "Ten Brothers", "La Femme Desperado", "Men in Pain", "The Drive of Life", "The Winter Melon Tale"

Poon Ka Tak graduated from 1975's TVB Acting Class. After graduating, he took on the position of an assistant screenwriter-director. He became a producer in 1988.

Nelson Cheung Kin Man


To be aired: "You're Hired"
In production: "The Season of Fate"

Series: "Where I Belong", "One Step Beyond", "Man of Wisdom", "Fate of the Last Empire", "Love Cycle", "To Love with Love", "Nothing to Declare", "War and Remembrance", "Unnatural Born Killer", "A Matter of Customs", "The Kung Fu Master", "Kung Fu Master from Guangdong", "Love Is Beautiful", "The Trust of a Lifetime", "Lofty Waters Verdant Bow", "Whatever It Takes", "The 'W' Files", "The Vigilante in the Mask", "To Love with No Regrets", "Lost in the Chamber of Love", "Into Thin Air", "Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion", "Dicey Business", "Au Revoir Shanghai", "Wars of In-Laws II", "D.I.E.", "Your Class or Mine"

Nelson Cheung entered TVB in 1985.

Kwan Wing Chung


To be aired: "D.I.E. Again"

Series: "The Unexpected", "Net Deception", "Placebo Cure", "Scavengers' Paradise", "Wars of In-Laws", "To Grow with Love", "Face to Fate", "Survivor's Law II", "When a Dog Loves a Cat", and "When Easterly Showers Fall on the Sunny West"

Kwan Wing Chung entered TVB in 1980 and worked in the news department. He transferred to work as an assistant director in 1986. He became a producer in 1989.

Wong Wai Sing


To be aired: "In the Chamber of Bliss"
In production: "OL Supreme"

Series: "Screen Play", "At Point Blank", "Treasure Raiders", "Good Against Evil", "Square Pegs", "Find the Light", "Lady Fan", "Wong Fei Hung - Master of Kung Fu", "The Academy", "Life Made Simple", "The Herbalist's Manual", "Heavenly In-Laws", "On the First Beat", "Marriage of Inconvenience", "Love Exchange", "E.U."

Wong Wai Sing entered TVB in 1981. He became a director in 1985, and then a producer in 2000. His most satisfied productions include "Square Pegs" and "Detective Investigation Files" series (director). His favourite production is "At Point Blank".

Lam Chi Wah


To be aired: "A Pillow Case of Mystery II" and "Sisters of Pearl"

Series: "A Taste of Love", "Law Enforcers", "A Herbalist Affair", "Doomed to Oblivion", "Ups and Downs in the Sea of Love", "Aqua Heroes", "Greed Mask", "To Get Unstuck in Time", "The Last Breakthrough", "The Gateau Affairs", "A Pillow Case of Mystery", "Love Guaranteed", "The Family Link", "Men Don't Cry", "The Money-Maker Recipe", "The Four"

Lam Chi Wah entered TVB in 1988 as an assistant screenwriter-director. He became a producer in 2000.

Terry Tong Kei Ming


To be aired: "My Better Half"

Series: "The Driving Power", "Dream of Colours", "Strike at Heart", "Bar Bender", "Glittering Days", "Vagabond Vigilante", "Word Twisters' Adventures", "Phoenix Rising", "The Silver Chamber of Sorrows", "The King of Snooker"

Tong Kei Ming entered TVB in 1975, but left after three years. It was not until 2002 that he returned to produce "The Driving Power".


  1. Oh, thats cool. Just a question, how many of these producers use selena li? And out of all of them, who is considered the best and not that good?

  2. So cool Hyn, one of the reason i like your blog so much. By the way, can you tell me who is a producer of Witness to a Prosecution?

  3. Lam Chi Wah, Chong Wai Kin, Wong Wai Sing, Kwan Wing Chung, Tsui Yue on (but he hasn't used her since "A Change of Destiny".), Amy Wong Sam Wai (she only used Selena in "The Seventh Day".), Mui Siu Ching, and Lee Tim Sing.

    The producers that use Selena all the time is Kwan Wing Chung, Lam Chi Wah, and Wong Wai Sing.

    The producer for "Witness to a Prosecution" is Siu Hin Fai. TVB let him go in 2004. Siu Hin Fai passed away last year. His productions include: "Legend Of The General Who Never Was" (Sheren Tang's first series, the series had an average of 50 points.), "General Father, General Son", "Story of Margym", "Folk Sergeant", "Heroes from Shanghai", "The Kung Fu Kid", "White-haired Maiden", "Lai Po Yee", 天降財神, "Ancient Heroes", "Lady Flower Fist", "Against the Blade of Honour", 真命天師, "The Tough Side of Lady", "Till When Do Us Part", "A Loving Spirit", "Witness to a Prosecution I & II", "Incurable Traits", "Seven Sisters", "Police Station No. 7", "The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow", "Riches and Stitches", and "Shades of Truth"

  4. is there any artiste that has been used by all producers???

  5. I don't think any "big" artiste has worked with all producers yet.

  6. hey Hyn, do you know who is a producer of Raymond's Adventure of Reaching the Stars? i cant find it, is a producer from mainland?

  7. To Noah: Tommy Leung is the producer for《摘星之旅》.

  8. Tommy, i think he doesnt do producing job once he got promotion

  9. Tommy still produces series, as he recently co-produced "The Master of Tai Chi" and "The Drive of Life". When TVB collaborates with other TV stations, Tommy would usually be involved as a co-producer (and Raymond Lam is usually casted as well).

  10. Hi Hyn, I've been working on profiles of TVB producers to incorporate as a part of my site. Do you mind if I use/include the information and pictures you have here? Of course, I will appropriately credit you. Thanks!

  11. To Annisa: Go right ahead! :)

  12. Hi hyn5, can i also use the producer pictures to write something for my own? Thanks?!

  13. Hi hyn5,
    Just got news that the producer of Chilam upcoming drama is Chong Wai Kin which I was surprised. Expected the producer to come form Catherine side since Chilam's dramas has so far been with CT's producers, right?

  14. To Sibos:

    Yeah, my sister told me that Chong Wai Kin will be the producer for the Chi Lam series. I had a feeling that he was going to film Tommy side because Anita Yuen films Tommy side. :)

    The last time that Chi Lam filmed Tommy side was "Cold Blood, Warm Heart" (Chik's last Tommy side series was "Blade Heart").

    Chi Lam is not a TVB managed artiste, so he can still film Catherine series. :)