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Thursday, November 5, 2009

'09 Anniversary Time I

In recent years, the award for 'Best Actress' has been more focused on compared to the 'Best Actor' award. Is it because the females are said to be 'fighting for awards'? Whatever it is, [to me] there are bigger contenders for the 'Best Actor' award this year. You have veteran powerhouse General Chai Damian Lau, the soul character of "Burning Flame" Ah Cow Wong He, superb actor Chai Gau Wayne Lai, three-time 'Actor' award winner Gallen Lo, 'Ratings Guarantee' Ah Song Dayo Wong, and the ever-so-charming Li Yi Moses Chan.

Best Actor
My Choice: Wayne Lai


"水裡水裡去, 火裡火裡去!"

Outstanding performance in "Rosy Business"! He is leading male material. The series has high ratings and positive feedback. He has support from the audience, executives, and colleagues. Also, he has done so much for TVB this year, such as hosting and performing at many of TVB's major events. Why else wouldn't Wayne be 'TV King' this year?

My Favourite TV Male Character
My Choice: Dayo Wong


The best actors are the ones who can play comedy because, if they can do comedy, they can do tragedy ["能夠演喜劇就能夠演悲劇" (quote from Wong Jing)] . Many people tend to underestimate comedians because they see it as 'easier' to play. People don't take into consideration that the actor has to be funny in a non-overacting way. They cannot be over the top or exaggerate their actions. Dayo's comedy is black humour. Mak Tai Song is another favourite added to his works.

Other hot favourites for this category include Michael Tse, Wong He, Gallen Lo, and Wayne Lai. :)

Best Actress
My Choice: Sheren Tang


Never once doubted Sheren's acting abilities. Although I would say this is not her strongest performance compared to her previous roles, it is her time to win 'Best Actress'. Even Catherine Tsang is saying it this time around. (Catherine supported Gigi Lai to win in 2004.) 天時, 地利, 人和...Sheren is definitely winning 'Best Actress'.

My Favourite TV Female Character
My Guess: Charmaine Sheh


Charmaine's role as Lam Miu Miu is different from her past roles. With this series being a comedy, it truly brings out a more refreshing side of Charmaine. Charmaine was great in here, and with her status in TVB, she is definitely qualified to win this award. With or without voting, she deserves to win. :)

My Choice: Tavia Yeung


After many years of supporting Tavia, I am extremely happy that she is finally getting the recognition she deserves. Tavia's career path is progressing step by step. In 2003, Tavia won the award for 'Most Improved Female Artiste' and just last year, she won 'Best Supporting Actress'. Her next goal is to win 'Best Actress', but there is no specified year. And with each step, we [the audience] witness her acting becoming more mature and more in depth. Not only has she improved in her speech, but also in her eyes. The next time you watch Tavia act, take notice of her eyes. You will notice her using the ability of her windows of the soul to become the character.

Yiu Kam Ling is not evil at heart; rather, it was a path she chose to take in order to survive in the palace...just like Moses described Yiu Kam Ling is to his Cho Pei in "Where the Legend Begins".


  1. Great choice, i agree with all of them, maybe a little difference.

    Best Actor- Wayne Lai(absolutely deserve it but i equally support Gallen to win it too)

    Favourite TV Male Character- Dayo Wong(no exception here, not even Gallen or Wayne because i dont really like their character itself)

    Best Actress- Sheren Tang(same as best actor, though i like Anita too, probably b/c of the story line with Gallen)

    Favourite TV Female Character-Tavia or Charmaine(ok this is the hard one, i cant choose b/c i m a fan of both though i like tavia a little more. Charmaine portray her character so well, just like Dayo. but Tavia work so hard for the pass 10 years and i like her so much. therefore i have no decision)

    All the other awards dont really interest me, maybe except for male supporting which goes to michael tse for sure

  2. I Agree With All Your Predictions...

    Best Actor - Wayne Lai (No Doubt About It!)

    Fav Male Character - Dayo Wong (I Loved His Character, Was Toooo Cute!!!)

    Best Actress - Sheren Tang (Very Deserving, although, Tavia may give Sheren a run for her money depending on the response to Beyond when it finishes airing...)

    Fav Female Character - Charmaine/Tavia (Lam Miu Miu was a pretty cool character to watch, but I also like the development of character in Yiu Gam Ling... pretty sure that it is out of these two)

    you totally just read my mind Hyn!!! can't wait for your other entries!!!

  3. I am sure your '09 Anniversary Time II post will be about Best Supporting & Most Improved. Frankly, I really love Susan Tse (I've never seen her before until Rosy Business), I think her acting is so amazing. I want her to win Best Supporting, but now Selena isn't nominated for Most Improved, I can't help but I believe Selena's roles in Beyond is one of her best roles, so I hope everyone will vote for Selena instead. I might be selfish hahas.... but Susan has moved from ATV to TVB for only one year or so, and with her strong acting I'm sure she'll gets lots of opportunities to win. And TVB likes her (I think)

  4. Oops I see I forgot a word;

    "but Susan has moved from ATV to TVB for only one year or so, and with her strong acting I'm sure she'll gets lots of opportunities to win NEXT YEAR or LATER. And TVB likes her (I think). While Selena is a hardworking actress who doesn't really get recognised."

  5. Ha ha.... I see these more or supporting whom. :)

    To lizzy:

    Oh well, Selena has "Iron Horse Seeking Bridge" next year. :)

  6. I agree with all hyn5's selections as well. But for most favourite female character I actually want to see Charmaine win for her role in You're Hired. She did a very good job portraying Miu Miu and it's a refreshing role for her. And... definitely Dayo Wong for most favourite male character. I loved his acting and his character Ah Song! :D

    I really want to see Selena receive some recognition this year... next year is too far... I can't wait to see how she plays her character in BROC...

  7. To turtle88:

    The only reason why Selena wasn't nominated for 'Most Improved Actress' is because she's studying in Toronto. And TVB doesn't give awards to artistes if they are not present at the ceremony. But I have already guessed that Aimee will be a hot fav. from last year because Selena seems to be beyond that. She gets bigger roles and she pairs up with higher ranked male artistes. :)

    Either way, I will still support Selena, and I can't wait to watch her in "Iron Horse Seeking Bridge" next year.

  8. if it had to be TVB biological daughter to win Best Actress, i would like Tavia instead of Charmaine. Only because i cant tolerate Sheren being robbed the awards twice by Charmaine

  9. Sheren and Wayne both deserved to win their awards but I didn't like Tavia's win for BTROC. I just thought she was terrible. I know that sometimes, certain talents in TVB are overlooked year after year, and there comes a point where people just want them to win, no matter if they deserved or not this time. In my opinion, Tavia deserved to win - for some of her past work, but not her acting in BTROC. As a whole, they were all OTT in BTROC and Tavia the most of them all. Selena and Moses were the only two who imo, gave a good performance.

  10. ^Sorry, forgot to specify - I'm of course, referring to her two wins Favourite Female and Best Performance, not Best Actress.

    And Best Performance of the Year seemed like a comfort prize considering that it didn't exist last year.

  11. To Advo:

    Most of the time, TVB gives the award to the person at the wrong time.