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Sunday, November 8, 2009

"Born Rich" Theme Song (HQ Version)



"On the Verge of Eternity" - Gallen Lo

差一剎的地老天荒 《富貴門》 主題曲 - 羅嘉良

追追 趕趕 推推 撞撞
目空一切 理想燒光
真真 假假 跌過 痛過
愛的花火 賜給我願與望

天黑 天光 天清 天蒼
曾經廝守 暗地嚮往
可惜這夜 煙花已謝 沒法被仰望

*差一剎 我信地老天荒
只差一步 欲望幻化星光
誰和誰存活愛 誰和誰埋沒愛

#我怕就怕 失望
所有代價 統統捨割

抹去害怕 撕掉希罕
真假如浮雲 天也在看#

Repeat *##

*Credits to crimsonrain


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2u9HqBJYCgU I have made this video to sing along with this song.. I know it appears too fast.. but well, it's more for those who know the lyrics already..........

    I really love this song hahas

  2. I just love this song too much!

    Great job for a first attempt, Lizzy! Keep it up! :D