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Monday, November 9, 2009

索男陳豪 & Energizer Bobby Au Yeung

Joe Ma, Michael Tong, and Moses Chan on Lydia Shum's 2001 game show "Happy Family Flagship (Sr. 3)".

The purpose of the game is to pick up blotting paper with the suction of the nose and then place them in a bowl.

Moses Chan sets the record with 15 blotting papers.

Bobby Au Yeung then breaks Moses' record with 17 blotting papers on the next episode. He keeps going and going!

Personal Note: Love Bobby and Moses! :D


  1. thank you for sharing this awesomeness... my old idol & my new idol... haha...

    but lmao @ moses chewing on that gum like there's no tomorrow... XD

    anything else funny happened in the episode..?

  2. Moses was kind of silly in the warm-up exercise. In front of the guests is, a piece of paper, a paper clip, balloon, and a glass cup. The guests are to use those items to pick up the glass cup without touching the cup. Without thinking, the other five guests (Joe, Michael, Bondy Chiu, Nicola Cheung, and Elle Choi) took the balloon and blew it in the glass cup to pick it up. Moses on the other hand, tied the balloon to the bottom of the cup and picked it up like that. :D

    There was a part where the guests watch a clip on female voices and later they will only play the voices. The guests are to guess who the voices are. They played Ada's voice, and Joe buzzed in before Moses.

    Another one is where they play a clip and the guest are to watch it carefully. One of the question was, "Who is the female holding the fans?" And Bondy buzzed in with the answer, "Flora Chan".

  3. hahaha!!! that glass cup thing is too funny... it's totally moses... ^0^ :P