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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Julian Cheung 《I AM CHI LAM》

Chi Lamchi_lam

Release Date: November 30, 2009

Disc 1 (New):

01. 妳太善良 You Are Too Kind
02. 天邊一片雲 Cloud in the Sky
03. 情愛現代事故 (張智霖/HotCha) Love Modern Accident ft. HotCha
04. 骨膠原 Collagen
05. 巨星之路 Road of a Superstar
06. 由他人 By Other People
07. Get Together (國) (電影 《渺渺》 主題曲)
08. 愛.過 (國) (張智霖/胡杏兒) Love, Passed ft. Myolie Wu

Disc 2 (Greatest Hits Selection):

01. 祝君好 Wish You Well
02. 十指緊扣 Ten Fingers Clenching
03. 我也喜歡你 I Also Like You
04. 一生豪情一次 Lofty Once in a Lifetime
05. 多謝關心 Thanks for the Concern
06. 如此這般想你 Think of You Like This
07. 怎會如此 How Can This Be
08. 原諒我過去 Forgive My Past
09. 逗我開心吧 Make Me Happy
10. 曾經不知你好 Never Knew You Were Good

01. You Are Too Kind

02. Cloud in the Sky

03. Love Modern Accident

04. Collagen

05. Road of a Superstar

08. Love.Passed

Pre-order your copy of Chi Lam's 《I AM CHI LAM》!

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Personal Note: I will definitely support Chi Lam and buy his new album! :D If you like what you hear, then get yourself a copy! He he.... :)

*Credits to yesasia and crimsonrain


  1. omg he's awesome, freakin love him XD

  2. To mankiee:

    Doesn't Chi Lam look hot on the CD cover? Ha ha.... :D

  3. yea but he seemed to look kidna tired

  4. To mankiee:

    Still looks good! :)

  5. I am loving the songs! Love the duets a lot. Had been listening to Once Loved and You are too Kind since their release months ago...Been listening to Love Modern Accident all day! Thanks for posting them so I can enjoy! Can't wait to get my copy of his CD ;)