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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kenneth Ma Receives Praises from All Around

Kenneth Ma TVB Blog: 冇錢又冇料!!

- Lau Siu Ming (Ming Sir) says that Kenneth is very clever! He does not leave the set when he is off work. He watches people act, he processes everything, and then he analyzes everything that he's seen.

- Ming Sir talks about when he filmed "The Master of Tai Chi" in Hunan with Kenneth. One time, when they were on break, they went to a very inexpensive place to eat. He asked him, "Why do you eat so inexpensively?" Kenneth said, "I have to save money to give it back to my mom!" Ming Sir comments that Kenneth always thinks that he doesn't have enough, not just in terms of material things, but also ability [in acting], so he always gathers information. Ming Sir says that Kenneth is complex and not as simple as he seems.

- Ming Sir says that Kenneth does not admit to having some results in his acting career.

- When the topic was on Gallen Lo and Sharon Chan's kiss scene, Kenneth admitted to going to the set to watch even when he does not have to work. Even Jaime Chik said that Kenneth is really good because he is on set whether he has scenes to film or not. Then the interviewer said that Kenneth's ears are turning red, but he explains, "I just intentionally went in to watch them kiss!"

(Kathy Chow has also mentioned a number of times that Kenneth is a good role model. She says that he is very hardworking, and he really puts his heart into acting. On the first day of outdoor filming of "In the Chamber of Bliss", even though Kenneth wasn't in the scene, he was watching the playback with the other artistes.)

- Ming Sir says that Kenneth is a good influence on others such that it makes them want to work hard, too.

Personal Note: Ming Sir did not know Kenneth's full name because he just refers to him as 'Ma Ming'. Ming Sir wanted to praise him using his full name. The interviewer even said that Kenneth is very hardworking such that he has a notebook to remind him of things such as the clothes he wears in different scenes.

Ma Ming again said that great actors 'put money in his pocket and don't ask for change'.

Ming Sir also praised Joe Ma, saying that he has reached a certain level of acting, and that Joe can act. He also said that Joe is hardworking such that he also likes to watch others act.

*Credits to tvb.com


  1. I'm so happy to read that many people are praising Kenneth. Kenneth is so diligent and observant. I loving him more and more!:D
    Wow...is Kenneth really going to be Gallen's best man? They must have gotten really close.

  2. To dvd:

    I'm happy that more and more artistes, audience, and people in general are liking Ma Ming! :D

    Yeah, I think it's so cool that they are good friends now because Ma Ming waited nine years to work with Gallen again. ;P

  3. 9 years? have they worked before? Ivy, plz enlighten me.
    Haha, i like Kenneth as a man than an actor (doesnt mean he s bad)

  4. To Noah:

    Ma Ming played Gallen's stock broker, Stanley in "At the Threshold of an Era". Ma Ming NGed many, many times and Gallen was already really tired, but he encouraged Ma Ming and told him to take his time. :)

  5. i remember now, i saw some old clips from baidu. Thanks

  6. Yay :) It's good to hear that more people are praising Kenneth about his personality and hard-working efforts. It just make me like Kenneth more and more because of the person he is in real life. Keep doing your best, Kenneth!

  7. news - Kenneth will be best man in Gallen lo 's wedding
    Sharon chen had a memorable moment with Kennth ma during filming the drama born rich.
    recently she got interview in Maylaysia

  8. To Anonymous:

    I've already tweeted that on my Twitter this morning. If you look on the right side bar, you can view my tweets or follow me on Twitter.

    And yes, Sharon was on myfm interview in Malay. She said one of her most memorable scenes in "Born Rich" was a scene where Ma Ming was departing back to Sabah.

  9. Last Friday, Kenneth was in Sydney judging the Miss Sydney Chinese Pageant. Kenneth was the only reason I went to see the pageant. He performed two songs and I thought he sang very well. Better than some of the pageants who sang as part of their talent performance. I think he's improvement in singing can also be attributed to his hard work. Also, after the pageant when the sponsors were being announced, Kenneth was standing to the side of the stage, but every time a fan asked him for a photo, he went out of his way to come down from the stage and take a photo, despite staff at the pageant insisting that we don't take photos. He seemed like such a genuine guy! Also add that he was hot. He was wearing a black trench and dancing with a pair of sunnies on!

  10. To Anonymous:

    Yeah, Ma Ming sang Leon Lai's fast song 越夜越有機, and he sang his own theme song to "Survivor's Law II". Some fans posted some clips on baidu. Did you happen to take some pics with Ma Ming? If so, I'm so envious of you. Still, you got to see Ma Ming!!! Ha ha.... :D