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Friday, November 27, 2009

Selena Li @ TVB Blog - My Days at University of Toronto

Visit Selena Li's TVB blog!


These are some pictures of my school, I am almost done!!!!!! yeah!!!! My final exam is around mid-December, and after that, I will fly back to HOng Kong to start another drama…will tell you all about it later on my blog…hehe…宮心計is very popular over here in Toronto too, so many people are asking me about it and watching it, even my friends who NEVER watch Chinese dramas are watching it!! So exciting!!

who wants to do my translation this time?? hehe

Personal Note: Yay!!!! Selena will be back in December! I can't wait!! :D

I wonder what series she will be filming??? :) Will she be working with Roger, Ron, and Sunny??? Or will she be in Lam Chi Wah's "Women Hurt the Most" with Maggie Cheung and Joe Ma??? Or will she be in "Here Comes the Princess"? I would like for her to film a Tommy series, but Mui Siu Ching does like to cast her as small characters with a big attitude. :)

"Women" and Princess" are the only two possibilities that Selena will be in because they will start filming in December, whereas "Reunion" will film in January.

*Credits to tvb.com


  1. Hey Hyn5.. I know which series she'll be filming.. it's not with Roger, Ron, Sunny, neither the one in the Sales (Bowie, Bosco, Aimee). It's a series which will start filming in mid-december.

    (But at the moment I cannot say which series it is.. You guys have to wait a lil bit longer.)

  2. i think you are talking about the ancient series with moses and charmaine but then i wish that she will film the roger-ron series

  3. To lizzy:

    He he.... I'm guessing it'll be Lam Chi Wah's "Women Hurt the Most" with Maggie Cheung and Joe Ma. It's just a guess because it's perfect timing and it's a Tommy series (not saying that the other side doesn't use her). I just think he next series will be a Tommy one. :D

  4. You know, I cannot say too much at the moment. :( It's one of the two series you guessed in your latest tweet.. hehes

  5. To Lizzy:

    I understand, but I should have only guessed one series in my tweet. If you had said it's not that one, then I would have been able to figure it out. He he.... :D