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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Selena Li @ TVB Blog - 萬聖節: 我是一個海盜!

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Halloween: I'm a pirate!


"My Halloween in Toronto was very exciting because I remember when I was younger, I used to go around to different houses to trick-o-treat, and I would be able to get at least 2 garbage bags full of treats! I also remember I used to be so so so happy whenever I get chips from houses, because people usually give out lollipops and really small chocolate candies. So this year, I bought 100 bags of chips to give out! But maybe it was cold, there weren't too many kids who came out to trick-o-treat. I had over 50 bags of chips left, so I guess I’ll just eat them slowly…. 0_O
But some of the kids who came out were really cute….hehe….I went to my friend’s house for a Halloween party where many of us dressed up, it was so much fun because my friend Amy did all of our make up. I told her she should work for TVB! haha....
bna26 thanks for the translation!!!!在多倫多剛過去的萬聖節,非常令人興奮。因為我記得在我還小的時侯,我都會到處去不同的房子”trick or treat”,每次我都會拿到最少兩個藍子的糖果!每當我從其他房子取到薯片的時侯,我總會非常非常非常開心,因為他們通常也會給波板糖和一些非常小型的朱古力糖果。所以今年,我都買了一百包薯片給小朋友!不過不知道是否因為寒冷關係,沒有太多小孩子出來”trick or treat”。我派剩了超過五十包,所以我想我會慢慢地把它們吃光……不過有些來取的小孩真的非常可愛……嘻嘻……我去了我朋友的家出席萬聖節派對,大部份朋友都有裝扮;我的朋友Amy替我們化妝,真的很有趣,我告訴她應該在TVB工作!哈哈..."


Personal Note: It's great to see some recent pictures of Selena! I miss her so much! He he....

One of Selena's favourite munchies is chips! She loves to eat chips on set to keep warm. He he.... :) But chips in HK and in China taste so different compared to the ones in Canada. I bet she is happy to have 50 bags all to herself. :) We only had 18 trick-or-treaters, so a lot of Nestlé chocolates left over for us! He he.... :P

*Credits to tvb.com

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