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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Shall We Talk: "Bird Out of the Cage" - Tavia Yeung


Personal Note: I am super, super happy that Tavia finally has a 'Shall We Talk' article from Ming Pao Weekly. I've been waiting for her get one for the longest time ever. Myolie and Shirley had theirs in 2002, Bernice had hers in 2005, Kate had hers in 2007, and Linda and Fala got theirs in 2008. I believe my neck has grown a few inches waiting for this. I say this because I'm a huge Ming Pao Weekly reader, and 'Shall We Talk' articles are usually more in-depth interviews/articles about that artiste. It also means that the artiste is the talk of the town when they have a 'Shall We Talk'. Ha ha.... :P Susan Tse should be having a 'Shall We Talk' right away here. :)

Anyway, so back to the article, there is nothing in this article that I do not know about Tavia. As a matter of fact, there are a couple of errors in here. First of all, TVB was not the one that cast her in "The Awakening Story" because she resembled Maggie Cheung. It was Liza Wang who recommended both Maggie and Tavia to Poon Ka Tak because Liza believed that they both resemble her. Secondly, the caption by the picture where Tavia won 'Most Improved Female Artiste' in 2003 says that she received the award from Lydia Shum's hands, which is incorrect because Moses was the one who presented the award, as he was the previous winner of 'Most Improved Male Artiste'. Also, when Moses was presenting the award, he was the only one who read the series name and then the winner's name. He said, "本年度我最喜愛飛躍進步女藝員...《智勇新警界》 楊怡!" Also, when he read Tavia's name, he emphasized on 怡 and had avery heavy tone on it. He he.... :D

There should be more articles on Tavia to come because, before she left for Japan, she did 10 magazine interviews. :)

*Credits to mingpao and tavia.org


  1. im starting to believe all the actresses in TVB look good with short hair... haha!!!
    moses always follows traditions or what's it called... XD

    10?!! wow... 0_o

  2. To mare:

    Short hair gives them a different 'elegant air'. Ha ha.... :)

    "im starting to believe all the actresses in TVB look good with short hair... haha!!!"

    I don't know about that because I can't picture Linda and Fala with short hair. :)

    Ha ha.... Moses is a traditional guy. :) But I think it was memorable because he 怡 with a heavy tone. :) He he....

    Yeah, she did 10 interviews because she's in Japan filming "The Morning of the Flying Fish in Hanami". :)

  3. i like it...
    i thought linda and fala had short hair before... fala for sure when she was in "the stew of life", but that haircut was ugly... hmmm... nevermind i cant do it neither... haha!!!

    i dont remember, but i did rewatch it on youtube a few times... i think the clip was removed...

    so does that mean no "beyond" promotions for tavia in the future..?

  4. To mare:

    Linda and Fala both wore wigs for their short hair performance in series. I believe they will look bad if they do actually cut it short. :)

    The cast of "The Morning of the Flying Fish in Hanami" will film in Japan for 20 days. I'm not sure when they left, but I'm guessing she'll be back for the next one. :)

  5. oh i see... still cant figure which series linda had short hair... is it that dog one with steven..?

    someone mentioned there will be a promotion event on the 15th, but im not sure if that's for real... :/

  6. Thank you for sharing :)

    Liking her more and more...

  7. i always like her more than many other new comers that joined tvb from beauty pageants