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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Priscilla Wong Beats Eliza Sam with Sexy Wedding Dress; Kenneth Ma in a Rush to Find a Girlfriend, Hopes to Get Married in 2018




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Priscilla Wong, Eliza Sam, Kenneth Ma, Louis Yuen, Elvina Kong, etc. were filming a wedding scene for the series "Gluttonous Detective". Priscilla and Eliza both wore wedding dresses. Priscilla even slightly showed her 'career line', beating Eliza's 'Additional Cloth Version Wu Zetian' look.

Priscilla said, "I forgot to wear a strapless undergarment. Luckily, the wedding dress already has padding inside". She expressed that she has already worn a wedding dress many times. Not to the point of being numb, but feel that it is more work than a longing for marriage. She said, "Edwin Siu and I already have wedding pictures because we already took them for the previous series, but temporarily will not be getting married. We have not dated that long...have not gotten to this stage yet. (Will you film a wedding dress advertisement as a couple partnership?) He has always been a spokesperson. If a wedding dress company were to invite us, I would not mind".

Priscilla Wong's Real-Life Dating Scene Gets Copied

In the series, Priscilla marries Louis. She highly praised her partner for being humourous. The two even watched the sunrise on the beach together, which is the same as her and Edwin dating in real life. When asked whether the company intentionally copied her scene, she laughingly said that she did not know...must ask the scriptwriter.

Eliza Sam: Swimwear Runway Shows Must Be Healthy

Eliza's wedding dress is similar to the costumes in the series "The Empress of China", but it is considered the conservative 'additional cloth version'. She laughingly said, "The cloth was not added by me. It already had it. The company arranged the wedding dress for me. The character is a pure girl, so this extent is just right. (Would you challenge a version without the cloth?) If it were me getting married in real life, I would challenge it, but must take all safety precautions. Actually, if pretty, also not a problem. Swimwear shows depend on whether the feel is healthy. Leave it to the company to arrange it".

Kenneth Ma said that a physiognomist told him that he would be getting married in 2018 or 2019. He hopes to meet a stable partner as soon as possible and get married. The series will be completing filming soon. Afterward, Kenneth will be going to England with Oscar Leung and Fred Cheng, and they are going to shop there with Carol Cheng. He said, "Not preparing much [money] because I have already passed the age of collecting soccer jerseys. Now, would only buy very special designs".

*Credits to mingpao, TVBUSAofficial, 岑麗香國際影迷會, jessiebull french, the-sun, youku, tudou, and gztv

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