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Friday, August 26, 2016

Ron Ng: My 'Best Bad Friend' Tavia Yeung


小資明星直擊 吳卓羲:我的“最佳損友”楊怡

"I Watched Tavia Yeung's Series Growing Up"

Upon entering the interview segment, the two, who were cool when they were just shooting the pictorial, began teasing each other, almost getting into a fight. It was always between joking and quarrelling, relaxed and joyful like family. The two, who both entered the industry through TVB, already built a deep friendship since the beginning. While growing up, the young guy and girl from back then have already become strong actors who are able to take charge. However, once they sat down to chat, the two were amiable like back then. We asked Ron whether he would get nervous shooting with Tavia, and he immediately said in a serious manner, "Would. Certainly would because I watched her series growing up". Tavia immediately joked, "That's right. He was very old before entering the industry, like an uncle". Then she playfully used her hand to cover Ron's shot, but when she discovered that Ron was no longer in the shot, she immediately pulled him back in.

"We have too much chemistry...no sparks", Ron summarized their relationship like this. After hearing this, Tavia extended her hand out, saying, "Then use the hands to rub". Then we saw them use their two hands to create sparks". Although Ron talked about Tavia's hand oil in an aversive manner, he still obediently accommodated by putting his hand out.

"You Are Also My Family"

This shoot went on from mid-noon to the evening. Although such a long shoot is labourious, having a friend beside them, the two's condition was not bad throughout. During the break from shooting at the Parisian Macao full of the French-style atmosphere, the two talked about Paris to travel plans. Tavia, who is having her wedding in October, was excitedly talking about later travelling with her family with all sorts of anticipation. As a 'lonely bachelor', Ron could only frequently nod his head on the side. Seeing this scene, Tavia immediately patted Ron's shoulder, saying, "I'll also bring you along. You are also my family!"

The two, who are usually busy, apart from work, usually do not have much time to see each other privately. In contrast with Tavia, who is busily preparing her wedding and is thus blissfully busy, Ron has been busy with all sorts of filming and promotions. Recently, his new movie, "Shock Wave", and series, "Why Get Married", will be meeting with everyone. The two, who are going out of their former performing arts circle, will both be trying even more new fields.

Tavia & Ron Birthday Party 2016


Playing Game

Cutting Cake

Opening Words

Birthday Song



*Credits to 小資CHIC-ELEGANCE, 阿健-Like_Manchi, 羲毅, vicky小蕾, 豆腐-tofu, and kikii琪

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