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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Eliza Sam: 'I Can Be Very Ruthless', Goddess Wants to Be a Bad Person


Ming Pao Clip

In TVB's new series, "Inspector Gourmet", Eliza Sam portrays 'Tong Ka Ka', who was previously in an accident causing short-term memory loss, thereby once suspecting that she is a bad person who hurt someone else before. She expressed, "This case is quite interesting. There are some parts where I think that I am a good person. At the same time, also getting called a bad person by someone else. Some memories also seem to be a bad person. (Want to portray a bad person?) Certainly want to. I can be very ruthless! Will be as ruthless as how ruthless I am written in the script. Viewers have not seen me portray this type of role yet. The last time was in 'Under the Veil' where there was an evil and a good me, but my Chinese was still bad. Having to use ancient dialogue to be evil, I can actually do better; thus, if there is an opportunity to try an evil role again, would also try. Very dark, very nice...actually a very evil person inside. (Not afraid of getting yelled at when going out?) This represents that the acting was successful. If there is a day, would also hope to try".

Not Afraid of Getting Yelled at by Viewers When Going Out

Apart from playing a pair with Kenneth Ma this time, she also has many scenes with Louis Yuen and Elvina Kong. She learned a lot from these two seniors. She said, "In terms of pretending, they are very incredible...are this time's most anticipated characters. The two are very accurate at capturing the comedic and funny parts. Really admire their performances. When filming, already thought that it was really funny. Saw how they used their voices and small actions to execute it".

'Goddesses Are Only a Fantasy'

In the series, Kenneth treats her like a goddess. Does Eliza think that she is a goddess? She laughingly said, "Ha ha. I am not really a 'goddess'. There is no goddess who is so casual! The goddess in my mind already has a certain air when she gets up from bed. I want to be more comfortable as a person. Seem to have to work really hard in order to play the part of a goddess. (Which female artiste is the goddess in your heart?) Actually, goddesses are only a fantasy...are fictional! (Does your boyfriend regard you as a goddess?) Don't know. Hope that he does. (Hope that he does?). Have to ask him about these. Goddesses seem to be very perfect. In this world, no one is perfect. This is very difficult. If I had to buy groceries, do not want to use an hour to put on makeup. When buying ingredients to make soup, would also have to set my hair, put on my makeup and eyelashes...takes a lot of time and is also labourious. How would I have the time to do it? Being referred to as a goddess by others is quite a bit of pressure. Seem to have to do one's best for others to see. Perhaps I also do not want to put on makeup, and only want to stay at home watching television and eating chips. This is not necessarily the goddess in others' hearts!"

*Credits to mingpao

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