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Monday, October 31, 2016

Michelle Yim Playing a Wealthy Wife, Breaks Up Eliza Sam and Vincent Wong


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ontv Clip

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East Week Clip

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Michelle Yim, Eliza Sam, Vincent Wong, and Lee Kwok Lun were filming a promotional clip for TVB's new series "Heart of Greed III". Michelle revealed that she is partnering Lee Kwok Lun this time, playing a wealthy married couple. She is a neat freak who does not like her daughter, Eliza, dating a commoner, feeling that others cannot reach them, and also looks down on Ha Yu running a tea restaurant; however, her husband collaborates with Ha Yu. Is the character an antagonist who is detestable? She said, "It feels as though many people are scared of us, but I have the status of a principal...should maintain some manners".

Leaving Golden Phrases to Louise Lee and Ha Yu

Michelle thought back on having previously played mother and daughter with Eliza two years ago in the series "Coffee Cat Mama". This time, they are reuniting, highly praising Eliza's greatly improved Cantonese. She said, "Last time, there was a lot of Chinese that Eliza did not understand. After explaining it to her, still did not understand. Just filming before, also explained some four-character idioms to her". Is there a lot of dialogue with golden phrases? Michelle said, "Leaving the golden phrases to Louise Lee and Ha Yu".

Vincent is playing the son of a tea restaurant owner, performing a modern version of the love story of Romeo and Juliet, lovebirds who get broken up by their families. Vincent laughingly said, "Very happy to have a group of seniors to bring us into the house. Eliza's Cantonese now is so fluent. Improved even more after having a boyfriend. Has become more mature, and has gained life experience. All the ways of looking at things are different". Eliza praised him back, saying that she has collaborated with Vincent and Eliza in series, and believes that there would be chemistry meeting up again. She said, "Really looking forward to working, will do more research to make the character even more three-dimensional".

Personal Note: Susanna Kwan playing the villain again?

*Credits to mingpao, 香港無線TVB8, on.cc, stheadline, eastweek, bastillepost, am730, youku, and gztv

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