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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sammul Chan Reveals Having Previous Underground Romance with a Person in the Industry


[103116] 陳鍵鋒坦言內地發展困難重重

[110216] 陳鍵鋒自爆曾與圈中人拍拖

Artiste Sammul Chan accepted an i-CABLE entertainment news interview. During this, he revealed that he previously secretly dated someone in the industry. He said, "Very few people knew about this matter. At the time, really did not think about making it public. As an artiste, already baring it all for the public when going to work. Two people's matter, so certainly hope to be low-profile!" The reason that Sammul only admitted the relationship now is nothing more than the fact that the past love had already passed early on. When he was asked whether he would secretly get married in the future, he said, "Perhaps. I am a person who would suddenly do anything!" He said that he has a cautious personality, and would think before he acts. In terms of love matters, he does not even dare to publicize it. He said, "Back then, [our] circle of friends always thought that Ma Ming (Kenneth Ma) was the most introverted, but I think that I am the one who keeps to myself the most!"

Says Sorry to Friends

Sammul also revealed that, one day, he frankly said sorry to his friends in the industry, such as Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, etc. He laughingly said, "In my circle of friends, there's Raymond, Ron, Kenneth, etc. I said sorry to them because, back then, I was a yellow-haired boy who was not smart with my words, and also did not know how to express myself, which caused all kinds of misunderstandings. Thinking back, also feel regretful!" He, who left TVB early on, admitted to being the earliest to 'run way from home', but he frequently runs into Ron, Raymond, etc. now in Hengdian, making up for the brotherhood after leaving at long last. Sammul also said that, in recent years, he has been learning the art of getting along with others; thus, his personality has become more restrained.

*Credits to on.cc and 紫水晶0_0

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