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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

《BB來了》 "BB Is Coming" Costume Fitting



Date: November 22, 2017

Temporary Chinese title: 《BB來了》
Pinyin title: BB Loi Liu
Temporary English title: "BB Is Coming"
Producer: Liu Chun Sek

Attending Cast: Ali Lee, Lai Lok Yi, Griselda Yeung, Tsui Wing, Stefan Wong, Claire Yiu, Carlo Ng, Angelina Lo, Samantha Ko, Law Kok Lam, Aliya Fan, Chloe Nguyen, Mandy Lam, Poon Fong Fong, Kimmi Tsui, Carat Cheung, Lee Yee Man, Maggie Yu, and Mikako Leung.

Time: 12:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate Chun Choi Street No. 77 TVB City Studio One Parking Lot



big big channel Clip

ontv Clip

ontv Clip

ontv Clip

More Forms Clip



- 20 episodes long.
- Ali Lee goes from not having a baby to her daughter being a year old. She and Lai Lok Yi are a married couple.
- Griselda Yeung will play a humble golden doula.
- Stefan Wong will play a rich person. He likes Samantha Ko, but she seems to have no interest in him.
- Samantha will play Hui Ching (許晴), a cold bartender. She is a pregnant woman. She has a romantic storyline with Stefan; the two have a complicated relationship.
- Chloe Nguyen will play Lee Kwoon Yi (李冠儀), a rich second generation.
- Aliya Fan will play Ho Suet Ying (何雪盈).
- Fanny Ip will play May, a pregnant woman.
- Kitty Lau will play an arrogant golden doula.

Visit @ TVBE Clip (120217)

Visit @ TVBE Clip (120217)

Blessing Ceremony @ J2 Clip (122817)

Personal Note: A lot of sitcom regulars in here!

Surprised that Samantha is listed quite far back, but nice to see Griselda finally have an opportunity to play the second female lead after breaking out in "Come Home Love".

*Credits to 娛樂 007, 影視TV資源社, on.cc, moreforms, gztv, 娛樂 香港, and WhitneyLau

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