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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ron Ng Votes for Tavia Yeung




Ron's picks for TVB awards:
Best Actor: Chin Ka Lok, but then he also picks Wayne Lai.
Best Actress: Sheren Tang
My Favourite TV Male Character: Roger Kwok. He will not pick Michael Miu because he is too acquainted with Michael.
My Favourite TV Female Character: Tavia Yeung

Ron: "For the girl [character], obviously I will pick Tavia! Right! Although I wasn't in Hong Kong and haven't watched 'Beyond the Realm of Conscience', I heard that her acting is very good in there. So, that is why I will vote for her. And look at her face...she plays evil, right? You can tell she's evil by looking at her face. Evil [characters] will win the audience over, and they will like their character. So, I think Tavia...what's her name? Yiu Kam Ling! I'll vote for her!"

Ron along with Joey Law, Stephen Huynh, Lai Lok Yi, Patrick Tang, and Jack Hui talk about what they will performing at TVB's 42nd Anniversary.
- They will be singing and doing a '60s and '70s dance which will include some hip-hop elements. Other artistes include Bernice Liu, Fala Chen, Nancy Wu, Michael Tse, Bosco Wong, Vivien Yeo, Yoyo Chen, Janet Chow, Sire Ma, Timmy Hung, Carlo Ng, Kayi Cheung, Samantha Ko, etc.
- Ron will be paired up with Nancy Wu. He also comments that Nancy has not been at any of the rehearsals. [Nancy is busy filming "Cops".] He laughingly said that they will see her on stage.



Personal Note: It is great to see Ron back! I really did miss him and his comments about Tavia! It's funny how he didn't pick Michael Miu because he is too acquainted with him, but he picks Tavia even though he hasn't watched any of "Beyond". He should be way more acquainted with Tavia than Michael! :D He supports her! :) Ron is so funny!

*Credits to tvb.com, 30fen, and 吳卓羲吧


  1. haha, i watched it, and really love Ron. TVB, I demand Taro series asap

  2. I so agree! I love interviews with Ron and friends. He's always crapping but it's so funny.

    Actually he wasn't really serious in choosing the males.

  3. haha, TaRo! I love how he said "Obviously I'll pick Tavia! Right!" Ron's so sweet.
    I missed Taro so much.

  4. yep agree with noah taro series asap.
    that's so sweet ron picked tavia for fav. actress

  5. Couldn't have agreed more because I want a Ron &
    Tavia series, too!!!! :D