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Friday, November 20, 2009

"Savour" - Michael Tse

Laughing Gor has a song! :)


細味 - 謝天華

作曲/監製: 鄧智偉
填詞: 張美賢
編曲: Ben Cheung

無驚 無險 無後顧地 我會懶爭氣
人生 如低到就貼地 轉角有轉機
全場也 在瞬間 如像鳥獸飛
留下會是 我的知己

就是傷悲 襯托歡喜
就是酸苦澀 亦要細味
就是分開 叫我想起
路上有你 很美 苦滲著甜味

曾經 迷失 埋下儲備 見慣惡天氣
離開 成功有段距離 我至會更加 用力氣
未怕死 溜後到奮起
流淚過程 那須講起

就是傷悲 襯托歡喜
就是酸苦澀 亦要細味
就是分開 叫我想起
路上有你 很美

淡泊之間 滲進驚喜
就是酸苦澀 亦覺細膩
大難不死 你會想起~
現實世界 很美 苦滲著甜味

Visit Michael Tse's TVB blog!

Personal Note: Michael has a new song, and it is a very good song indeed! :) Laughing is so huge that TVB composed a song for him. I wonder if he will release a single? It seems as though TVB is really pushing him to get 'tvb.com Popularity Award' or they really want to give him the new award 'Best Performance of the Year'. Ha ha.... :D

*Credits to tvb.com and crimsonrain


  1. Yeah, heard this last night and am intensely curious as to what this is for! Some from his forum are guessing that this may be a subtheme for his new series with Chilam Myolie and Tavia. A few of the lines seem to be closely describing Laughing Gor though... Another guess is that, since he's been in talks with TVB to release an album (mentioned a few months ago in interviews), perhaps it's really going to happen now with this being the first piece in it. Here's hoping the answer will be revealed soon!

  2. To Anonymous:

    I can't see this as the sub song for "The Morning of the Flying Fish in Hanami". TVB doesn't release a sub song for a series when it hasn't even finished filming.

    Like you said, it can be for an EP TVB is prepping for him. But, TVB really loves Michael for giving him a song. They are probably pushing him to win 'tvb.com Popularity Award' or they really want to give him the new award 'Best Performance of the Year'. IMO, it is basically the award for "Artiste of the Year". Ha ha.... :D

  3. The thing for "Flying Fish" is, the main theme is already known to be Chilam and Myolie's duet. So this series may be an exception to the norm, with the subtheme being prepared in advance as well. I saw a comment on a blog that this piece is a little similar in style to Chilam and Myolie's duet -- I haven't heard the latter so can't comment if that's really the case, but if so then the case for it being the subtheme will be much stronger.

    Personally I'm all for Michael releasing an album :) He did mention he was discussing this with TVB, a few months ago. I don't quite see how this would be TVB's way of pushing him to win awards though (don't see how one leads to the other), but it does show their love alright, and I'm hoping this means they're going to promote him heavily from now on. I do think he does deserve that new Best Performance award, more so than any other artiste this year :p

  4. Michael said that this will be the theme song for a series that he is not in. :)

  5. Yeah, heard his radio interview last night. Am having conflicting feelings about it because in a way this gives it a slightly different meaning -- that is, as Ms Cha says, it does feel even more like a promotion from TVB now which is a good thing, but on the other hand, it seems such a pity that such a nice song will be used for a series that's not his own :p I can only hope he gets to continue singing for his own series as well :)

  6. I wonder if it will be for 五味人生???

  7. I wonder if it will be the theme for 五味人生??? Just a guess...

  8. To Anonymous:

    Yeah, I think it will be the theme for "The Five Flavours of Life". The lyrics are about life's sweet, sour, and bitter. Plus, the series will be releasing soon. :)

    Also, would you be able to select 'Name/URL' instead of using 'Anonymous'? By selecting 'Name/URL', you can use your online name. Thanks! :)

  9. can any one translate the Savour song by michael tse from chinese to english or chinese to viet namese thank you.