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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Selena Li @ TVB Blog - 宮心計 我出場啦!!!!!!

Visit Selena Li's TVB blog!


我在宮心計今個星期終於出場啦! I am so happy that this drama got such high ratings, because every one of us actors put alot of hard work into this drama. I hope you will all continue to support this drama to the very end! These are some of the pictures I found in my computer, pictures of when i was filming this drama earlier this year. Anyway, remember to watch me come out this week, because this is the only chapter where you will see me in my 少女妝, I become one of the king's wife very quickly…

我在宮心計今個星期終於出場啦! 我很高興這個電視劇能拿到這麼好的收視,因為每個演員都很努力的演好這部戲。希望你地大家可以繼續支持這部戲啦! 今天我在電腦裏面找到之前拍這部戲的一些照片。不過,記得留意我今個禮拜_出場啦,這是唯一的部份我以少女妝上鏡,我好快就會變成皇上其中一個妃子啦!

Thanks Ivyyyyyy for the translation!

Personal Note: Yay!!!! Selena will finally come out on episode 15! :)

I've seen all of these pictures before expect for the first one where she and Tavia are at the table. :)

Also, I like how the person who helped Selena translate this post is named Ivy. He he.... :D

*Credits to tvb.com

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