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Monday, November 30, 2009

Steven Ma & Esther Kwan @ "Super Trio" 1999

Steven and Esther were paired up for the Bom Cha Cha skit on "Super Trio" 1999.

Steven: Can you not walk back and forth?
Esther: What?! You're not saying anything. I'm bored! I have to walk around.
Steven: That's enough!

(Dancing to Aaron Kwok's 對你愛不完)

Steven: There isn't anything I dare not to say, but you are so mean. I'm scared.
Esther: I can be meaner I tell you!
Steven: Hey! Don't bug me! No! I don't want it!

(Dancing to cancan music)

Esther: Are you going to talk now!
Steven: Please, I beg you. Don't be so mean.
Esther: I have not seen a cop like you before.
Steven: Don't take my glasses. I can't see.
Esther: Fine, fine! I'll give it back to you!
Steven: Well, it's my first day at work. I don't know what kind of questions to ask you. You were very bold to steal that old man's underwear. And it wasn't even washed.
Esther: Do you have one in there?

(Dancing to Vivian Chow, Linda Wong, and Karen Tong's 美少女戰士)

Steven: I'll ask you for the last time. Do you admit to this crime?
Esther: Hmph!
Steven: Answer me!
Esther: Hey! Do you have to be so mean?

Personal Note: I swear Mainland likes airing this season of "Super Trio".


  1. haha so funny. how i miss the classic super trio series! the classic funny games and moments and the actors/actresses too!

  2. I've watched this episode many times and it still cracks me up watching it again. Steven looked so nerdy! Haha!

  3. I remember watching this episode myself, can't believe it's already been 10 yrs.

  4. To turtle88:

    Totally agree! The classic games from Super Trio are simply the best! My fav. game is the one where the guests have to step on that board and catch the food. Super funny! :D

    To Anonymous:

    I swear Steven has this look in "Transferred Connection of Temptation". Ha ha.... ;P

    To Lily:

    Yes, this was from 10 years ago. Time goes by really fast! :D

  5. OMG....i remember watching this too!! ROFL... and like the whole sailor moon thing..lols.. i didnt realize that esther wasnt the cop..LOL but steven was... isnt it usually the cop who bullies? lols...love the twist

    sigh how i miss those good old days... and boom cha cha was definetely my favoruite activity..it's just hilarious =]

  6. To Lavendar_Bluez:

    Steven just looks like the one to be bullied! :D

  7. To: hyn5:

    Yes, he does look nerdy. Who knows maybe that pair of black frame glasses were the same ones worn in "Temptation". lol! One thing about Steven is that when he's on stage (game or stage show) he'll go all out to entertain his audience by effortlessly taking them along for the ride with him. Here, he and Esther seemed to be having so much fun they could hardly contain their laughter; fun that semems spontaneous,not contrived. (like how it was too in the anniversary crossover)

  8. To Anonymous:

    Yeah, the thing about Steven is that he cannot hold his laughs!

    It's possible that those are the same glasses in "Temptation" because he likes to wear black framed glasses a lot. He he.... ;P