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Monday, November 23, 2009

The Making of "72 Tenants"

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Wong Cho Lam & Bosco Wong: 有水過水, 見水散水, 無水潑水, 無水潑消毒藥水!
Joyce Cheng: 仆佢個街呀!
Gordon Lam: 一就交租, 二呢搬咗都要交租,三呢死都要交租! Hum家Ling!
Ben Wong: Hum家富貴!
Eric Tsang: 靚靚!
Nat Chan: 你飲過d咩唔or㗎?以家咩ling都有㗎啦! 我遲d比廿四ling, 龜ling ling, 雞骨ling o乜都有!

Kenneth Ma and Kevin Cheng make cameo appearances as fire fighters.


Personal Note: Ha ha.... Funny NG! :D So, I guess Ma Ming was able to make a cameo appearance after all. :)

Wow, Dicky Cheung is also in here. There are a lot of artistes making cameo appearances in here. I guess Eric Tsang played his 'friendship cards' well. :) Can't wait until February! ;P

*Credits to tvb.com


  1. thanks for sharing it with us. man eric sure knows how to play his "friendship cards" bringing all those famous actors/actress to boost up the popularity :P

    is that raymond at 1:41-1:46ish? haha he has a wig on!

  2. haha well eric tsang is apparently a really good friend himself..im not surprised people are willing to come out to film his movie...lols

    wow THAT IS a lot of celebrities in here.... lots of guest stars in other words..LOLS... im excited to watch...lols...aside from these 72 tenants..there's like another dozens of guest stars? lols

  3. To Diana:

    Yes, that is Raymond. He plays the young version of Jacky Cheung. Justin Lo plays the young version of Eric Tsang. He even had the voice like Eric. :)

    To Lavendar_Bluez:

    Eric has like a billion of friends. It would make sense for him to ask them to guest star if they can. :)