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Monday, July 23, 2012

Kenneth Ma Brushes Teeth with Shrimp Paste: Difficult to Tolerate Bad Smell



Artistes Kenneth Ma, Samantha Ko, Sammy Leung, Fala Chen, etc. did a recording for the programme "Neighborhood Treasures". Because Kenneth lost the game, he was punished to use shrimp paste to brush his teeth; in the end, he couldn't take it, yelling that it smelled very badly, and revealed that Sammy was partial to pretty girls Samantha and Fala...only punished him.

Samantha Ko and Fala Chen Forbid Young Models from Going to Book Fair

Fala Chen did a recording for "Neighborhood Treasures". With regard to Kenneth saying that Sammy Leung was biased in helping pretty girls, [she] disagreed, "I even wrongly called them Sam Yee Siu Mei...why would he favour me?" On the other hand, Samantha Ko expressed having originally inviting Sammy to write a foreword for her new book, but was rejected, so do not think that Sammy would be biased: "Instead, Fala wrote one for me". Both the pretty girls expressed that the young models now are a bad influence on children...should disappear from the book fair.

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Personal Note: Wouldn't be surprised if Sammy showed bias, as he has done so in the past. :P

Ha ha.... Fala did a crossover of Sammy and Kitty's names! :P

*Credits to the-sun

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