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Saturday, August 27, 2016

"Inspector Gourmet" Promotional Event 2


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Highly Praises Linda Chung's Daughter as Being Cute, Kenneth Ma Does Not Dare to Think About Getting Married and Establishing a Family Yet

Kenneth Ma, Priscilla Wong, Eliza Sam, Oscar Leung, Jacqueline Wong, Elvina Kong, etc., went to a mall to promote TVB's new series, "Inspector Gourmet". Everyone was divided into groups to play games using their mouths to bite a pretzel to transfer a cheese ring. The scene was humourous.

Today, Linda Chung publicly revealed her daughter's picture. Eliza laughingly said that she finally no longer had to keep the secret for her friend. She said, "I only knew that Linda was having a baby, but did not know the actual date. Congratulations to her and her baby. Hope that she is healthy and that the baby is plump and pretty". Eliza said that she looks forward to meeting the baby...depends on work arrangements to see whether she can find the time to visit. She said, "Hope that it is the faster, the better. Want to hold the baby and play with her. As for being the godmother or not, let Linda choose". When Eliza was asked whether she wanted to become a mom, she said that she temporarily does not, and also enjoys playing with someone else's baby and being a babysitter".

Kenneth also highly praised Linda's baby as being very cute, and also hopes that Linda returns to film series in the future because they still have not collaborated before. He said, "I mentioned to Linda before that we have not collaborated at TVB before. Have said it to the point that she is now married and has a baby". Kenneth also said that he would prepare an attentive gift for the baby, which is a baby clothing coupon to let Linda choose. As for when it would be Kenneth's turn to get married and establish a family, he humbly said that his career is not successful yet, so he does not dare to think too much, but he also would not just go on dates just for the sake of wanting to date. He needs to find a long-lasting life partner.

Priscilla and boyfriend Edwin Siu went to Beijing for work earlier; however, because there was a flight delay, had to immediately go to the studio to film after returning to Hong Kong, so she did not chat with her boyfriend on the plane the entire time, using the time to rest. Regarding Priscilla taking part in the web drama "Line Walker 2", she expressed having to go overseas to film then. She will have a romantic storyline with Pakho Chau and Benjamin Yuen. The happiest is being able to collaborate with her idol, Jessica Hsuan.

*Credits to 香港無線TVB8, jessiebull french, on.cc, stheadline, moreforms, and wenweipo

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