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- September Series 《是咁的,法官閣下》 "It's Like This, Your Honour" Info
- "Legal Mavericks" Week 5: Sat. averaged 17.6 points; Sun. averaged 18.5 points.
- "Bet Hur" Week 5: averaged 21.9 points.
- "A General, a Scholar and a Eunuch" Week 1: averaged 24.5 points.
- "The Unholy Alliance" Theme Song @ myTV SUPER Promotional Clip
- "The Unholy Alliance" Promotional Clips 1-2 & myTV SUPER Trailers
- "Na Zha and Yang Jian" Song Preview
- "A General, a Scholar and a Eunuch" Opening Theme Video
- "A General, a Scholar and a Eunuch" Theme Song
- 《果欄中的江湖大嫂》 "Apple-colada" Costume Fitting

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

"My Unfair Lady" Trailer



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*Credits to reiakiryu and LovingTBB

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